Getting Started With Laravel - White Screen Of Death

There’s very little that’s more frustrating than trying to ramp up on a new framework only to be kaiboshed by some bizarre and unexplained error. Especially when you are just following a getting started type guide. Suddenly you find yourself shaving a yak, debugging something that should be working.There

So it can be, with Laravel. Having followed the guide, used Composer and created a brand new application, you are greeted with a White Screen Of Death instead of the lovely webpage with Laravel emblazoned upon it.

The issue here is often one of simple permissions to the storage folder. The problem is basically, that the user your web server is running as is not the same as your own user name and as such, when you create a new Laravel application, the storage folder (and its subfolders) get the wrong permissions.

This is easily solved in development by doing a recursive chmod on the storage folder to grant global read, write and execute on the folders.

chmod -R 777 storage

Although overkill for production, where you probably want to lock things down a little more, this will get you up and running fairly quickly.