Weeknotes 005

Jan 31 2021


I managed to crack a tooth. Not pleasant. I’ve had a temporary repair rather than a full scale drill and filling. A full scale drill and filling would require a longer appointment and more space between me and the next person because of all the water used and the resulting aerosol.

I spent some of Saturday taking the group head on the espresso machine apart. It has started dripping a little while I’m pulling a shot. It looks like I need a new infusion valve.

I hacked together some code to crawl a few sites to pull together the urls of around 400 coffee roasters in the UK.


A series of “leads” meetings this week. In the senior technologists meeting there was a good discussion around how we help people find opportunities that will give them skills and experiences they can use as evidence for promotions and skills assessment.

Our digital identity and accounts based work is a little slower this week. We’re in the process of figuring out which team builds which pieces. Mostly things going on at a level above me.

Discussed the people survey results with some of our senior devs and tech leads. It’s clear the last year has been hard on everyone. People have changed teams often and we’ve developed lots of new products very speedily. People are tired. We are worried about how we support all the new things with no new people yet.

Recruitment. So very slow. I’m sure it is a horrid experience for people who have applied for a role with us. We’ve done the telephone sift though. Next up we have to organise the panel interviews.


I glanced over Steve’s Product Manager Induction trello.