Weeknotes 009

Jun 4 2021

A spending review is main way government departments get allocated money. We have one coming up soon and so work has revolved around planning what we can deliver over the next few years and putting that in writing.

We’ve managed to recruit another backend developer which is wonderful. We still need more people. We’re still trying to iterate our overall recruitment process to make it easier to recruit both for a better experience in house and for candidates applying.

I gave a presentation at our tech fortnightly about recruitment. Most of the developer community only see a small portion of recruitment. The middle piece which involves the actual interviews.

I thought it would be worthwhile showing the whole picture. The work before to set up campaigns, agree headcount, create job descriptions, adverts and questions we’ll ask in the interviews. Also the work after interviews have taken place, writing business cases to justify salaries, offering candidates positions and negotiating start dates, finding teams and line managers for new starters. Not to mention on-boarding people. Our on-boarding is probably rusty. We’ve not had to do it for a while.

My wife and I found some fresh guavas when we were shopping this week. Haven’t really had guavas since my childhood, but it brought back memories of guavas and custard and guava rolls that I used to eat on hikes.