Weeknotes 006

Feb 7 2021


Felt a bit like I was treading water this week. Quite a few one to ones, some discussions about people who want to move teams and how we could facilitate that and slow progress on setting up interview panels.

I spent a good chunk of the week going through DDaT again and discussing it with one of our senior developers. The framework is very light on practical examples of the skills it sets out. This makes it difficult for line managers to assess their line reports’ submissions. That in turn means much is left to the line manager’s judgement and I think that will lead to inconsistency across scoring.

GOV.UK Accounts feels slightly uncertain at the moment. We are moveming away from creating an authorisation solution to thinking about personalisation on GOV.UK. The personalisation work is very broad and we haven’t focussed on a tangible experiment yet. I’m finding it frustrating.

In the meantime, we do have tech work to think about. How we’ll handle GOV.UK wide session cookies is up for thought.

Towards the end of the week, several of the longer serving tech folk on GOV.UK met with Himal who will be taking on the role of Head of Tech soon.

I attended some Race Equality workshops as well. It’s often uncomfortable to talk about, and I’ve still lots to learn.


Discovered a handy google docs tip - if you append /copy instead of /edit to the doc, it asks if you wish to make a copy. Very handy for our GOV.UK Tech Weeknotes where we copy a template each week. Added extra tip - you can choose the location the copy will save to with a handy query param: ?copyDestination=<folder_id>


Image showing 22975 unread emails

Unread email sneaks up on you. I did some tidying. It’s better. Not 0, but better.

Listening, Reading

Listened to From Climate Crisis to Real Prosperity.

Read What I Learned in Avalanche School