How to install DrRacket on Mac OS and Homebrew

Mar 1 2020

Homebrew is excellent and you can install a minimal racket by running

brew istall racket

Once this finishes, you’ll see instructions on how to install DrRacket with raco. Follow the advice:

raco pkg install --auto drracket

This takes a while. You might struggle to actually find the or launch DrRacket.

If you’ve never used racket before, you probably don’t know raco either and you won’t know where it has installed all the things.

Run the following to find out where raco has placed the .app:

racket -e '(require setup/dirs) (displayln (path->string (find-gui-bin-dir))) (for-each displayln (directory-list (find-gui-bin-dir)))'

This lists /usr/local/Cellar/minimal-racket/7.5/bin as the directory where sits on my machine. Running /usr/local/Cellar/minimal-racket/7.5/bin/ from the command line will launch DrRacket.

I symlinked it so it was a little easier:

ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/minimal-racket/7.5/bin/ /usr/local/bin/drracket