Linux for Windows Developers - Installing the Windows Subsystem for Linux

If you are running Windows Insider preview, you can now run a full Ubuntu user space from inside Powershell or the Command prompt. This is a full Linux user space without the need for virtual machines.

Install Windows Preview 14316 and Turn on Developer Mode

You’ll need Windows build 14316 installed, which is available from the Windows Insider preview fast track. Once you have updated your system, you’ll need to put your computer into developer mode. Go to Settings -> Update and Security -> For developers and select Developer Mode.

Turning on developer mode in windows

Turn on The Windows Subsystem For Linux Feature

Now open “Turn Windows Features on or off”. From the Start menu you can type “Features” to shortcut your way there. Scroll all the way down and select the checkbox next to “Windows Subsystem for Linux(Beta)”.

Enable Windows Subsystem For Linux

Yes, you’ll have to reboot…..

Open a command prompt or powershell and install

Open a command prompt or powershell console and type bash. You will be prompted to install Ubuntu. Confirm and Ubuntu will be downloaded and installed on your machine. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to type bash from your command prompt or powershell console and you’ll enter the Linux user space!

Linux user space on Windows